Strong is Weak When Equated with Skinny.

Strong isn’t skinny. It isn’t slight or thin. Strong doesn’t enable you to fit into tight spandex or society’s one-size-fits-all mold of a woman.

Strong is solid, but it knows when to soften; to be pliable, flexible, and forgiving.

Strong is filling out your own spandex, not squeezing into someone else’s.

Strong is showing up and doing the work, even when – ESPECIALLY when – it’s hard, but also taking days off to recover.

Strong is moving your body to cope with life’s jackassery even though it’s more tempting to crawl into bed (or a bottle, a pint or a really big hole).

Strong is being active so you can experience life with your kids instead of from the sidelines.

Strong is loving yourself.

Skinny is aspirational, whereas you can be strong right now.


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Monthly Embodiment Theme: Get to Know Your Knees

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