Monthly Embodiment Theme: Get to Know Your Knees

This May we’re getting to know your knees and you have two ways to learn how to improve their stability and muscle coordination.

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Choose the option that’s right for you!

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Movement Wisdom: Warm Sugar Shoulders

There isn’t a gorgeous photo accompanying this week’s Movement Wisdom, but we do have candy!

After seeing this video last Christmas of candy canes being made, it’s my go to imagery for visualizing muscles relaxing, especially those over achieving upper traps. I only wish I there was enough footage of this stage of candy making to make the GIF longer than 1 second, but you can fire up that imagination to visualize the warm sugar melting longer.









Okay, now let’s add some movement.

Place your right hand on the meat of the muscle(s) of your left shoulder. (Hint: Place it closer to your neck than arm.)

Circle your shoulder around s-l-o-w-l-y.

Forward, up, back, and down.

As your shoulder lowers down, visualize the muscles on top of it as warm sugar softening and melting down, releasing any unwanted tension.

Circle forward, up, back, and down. (Feel free to make the movement small and easy.)

Warm sugar muscles softening and melting, allowing your neck to relax and lengthen.

Forward, up, back, and down.

Can you smell the peppermint? These are candy cane muscles, after all.

Forward, up, back, and down.

Can you feel the warm sugar muscles spreading out?

Forward, up, back, and down.

Can you feel your arm releasing down toward the floor?


Allow both arms to hang at your sides.

What (if anything) has changed about your posture?

Does your left arm feel longer than your right?

Does the left side of your neck feel longer? More relaxed?

Turn your head from side to side.

Do you feel more range of motion on one side than the other?

Does the left side of your chest feel more open? Relaxed?


Notice something cool or have a question? Post a comment below and share your insights with me. I love hearing from you!


Also, here’s some more footage of warm sugar being stretched (the pink candy in the background). I find it mesmerizing and oddly soothing. (If it isn’t playing on a loop, just give the GIF a click.)









P.S. Does the warm sugar imagery resonate with you? Explore more movement and anatomical #ImagerySupport on my Pinterest boards.
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