About Me

Hi, I’m Gini. (rhymes with skinny)

I’m a former dancer, fully trained Pilates and Franklin Method® instructor and the founder of Rock What’s Yours.

I’ve spent the last 18 years studying not just how our bodies move, but the science behind our mind-body relationship and what goes into creating and sustaining a dynamically functional and fit body.

Getting to the heart of how our muscles and joints work and our mind’s role in determining their performance has enabled me to create online and in person programs to help you improve your everyday, functional movement as well as long-term fitness. That means you experience immediate results while also looking forward to a full and active life for decades to come.


What does Rock What’s Yours mean?

Rock What’s Yours means putting your best self forward in life; taking control of your health and fitness by making the most of your natural abilities.

I specialize in teaching people with active bodies and inquisitive minds how to easily access their innate ability to feel better in their bodies through mindful movement and science-based techniques so they can be their best in life.

I reject the notion that our bodies are destined to degrade as we age and believe the only thing standing in the way of you feeling confident that your body can support a full and active life is simply a lack of awareness.


If we aren’t aware of the basic components of healthy movement, e.g. muscles and ligaments, their orientation within and influence on joints, in our own bodies, how can we possibly expect to train them for sustained performance throughout our daily lives?


We aren’t given an operating manual for our bodies at birth and for the first couple of decades, they seem to work just fine without having to give it any thought. But, the harder we play (and work), life seems to take its toll and it’s easy to buy into the old adage that ‘getting old sucks’. Except, that it doesn’t have to.

When you start feeling like your body might not share your dream of having an active life well into your nineties, it’s time to take a moment and get to know more about how your muscles and joints are designed to produce consistently powerful and efficient movement while retaining their elasticity and mobility.

Once you become aware of how your body is designed to function at its best, you’re empowered to consciously facilitate that process and rock what’s yours while doing anything, from your daily Downward Facing Dog to playing a pick-up basketball game or even running a half marathon.

The core of Rock What’s Yours is about self-awareness. You can’t rock what’s yours unless you know what’s yours.


What is the Jackassery Free Movement?

Jackassery is being stuck in thought or movement patterns of which we may or not be aware that hold us back from experiencing our best selves, fullest potential, and most balanced state of being.

The Jackassery Free Movement is about bringing light to those restrictive patterns so we can change them. It’s about dedicating ourselves to create more spaciousness and freedom in our minds and bodies; to embody truth and purpose for the betterment of ourselves, our experiences, and the world around us. (Read more here.)


I believe we are at our most powerful when we are less dependent on outside experts to fix our bodies or constantly monitor the quality of our movement.


You are fully capable of knowing how to move, train or play in the way that works best for you. My mission is to empower you with the tools to discern for yourself what’s right for your body.

If this approach to movement, training or life resonates with you, I would love to work with you, either online or in person. If you’re not quite sure where to start, schedule a FREE Movement Consultation so we can get to know each other and find out if my services are right for your needs.

Right now may not be a good time for us to work together, but you can still receive my Weekly Movement Wisdom via email by becoming a Rock What’s Yours Insider. As an Insider, you’ll also get prime access to new classes and programs as well as exclusive offers.


Gini’s Official Info

  • Pilates teacher comprehensively trained in mat work and equipment since 1998
  • Franklin Method® instructor since 2008

Gini opened her own brick and mortar studio in 2003 while also traveling and providing teacher training workshops around the country. In 2010 she closed up her studio and moved most of her work online so she could serve more people without having to keep up a hectic travel schedule.

Gini’s clients include dancers, actors, Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, yoginis, runners, amateur sports players, and professional athletes and teams, such as the US Soccer National Men’s Team, whom she helped prepare for the 2013 season.

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You should also know that I’m a wife and mom to 3 teenage boys, so I totally understand the importance of having a mind and body that can take whatever life throws at you.


The Results

After I’m done working with Gini, I feel both smarter, and more physically empowered. Usually with other exercise or mind/body methods, it only focuses on one: physical changes, or mental changes. She ties the two together in a way that makes learning much more integrated and relevant to my life. Gini’s smart and sassy. Incredibly intelligent, with a strong dash of fun.

~ Reese Spykerman


Gini is approachable and flexible. The props and diagrams are great for visual people like myself, and going through the embodiment exercises in class forced me to actually do them.

~ Andrea Lewicki


Gini is lovely! She’s patient and very informative.

~ Anna Hartman


Gini is chill and kind of funny. She’s not overly serious but VERY knowledgeable.

Have you ever been in a yoga class where the teacher knew, like, everything but they worked so hard to get the knowledge they were a nazi about it? Yeah, she’s the opposite of that.

~ Deanna Lohnes


Gini empowers through deeper understanding of our bodies and how to listen to what our bodies are telling us. She has a special talent for helping us to understand matters that are actually quite complicated.

~ Margit Mehne


Gini is always well prepared with her expertise and I love her props!

~ Maria Davis


Gini’s approach is relaxed and she puts you at ease while really delivering the information.

~ Laura Dixon


Gini’s approach to teaching is very gentle, creative and fun. Most importantly she brings a thoughtful sense of humor to all situations. One of her greatest attributes is being able to take any situation and help make sense of it, not by telling me what to do, but by gently guiding and offering suggestions that have helped me come to my own conclusions, in my own way, in my own time.  How refreshing!

~ Susan Deutsch


There’s something about Gini. Sass, leadership, approachability — she’s got it in spades, plus the biggest heart that can fit inside a person so petite.

~ Abby Kerr


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