Does This Sound Like You?

The Top 10 Traits My Ideal Clients Share.

1. Loves learning, especially when it’s a catalyst for self improvement.

2. Wants a workout that’s fun and is both mentally and physically challenging.

3. Wants to be their own fitness and wellness advocate, but not always sure how.

4. Doesn’t like being passive; likes feeling they’re in control of their mind and body.

5. Eschews the quick fix in favor of long-term results. (Prefers being proactive rather than constantly playing catch up.)

6. Has a lot going on in their lives, personally and/or professionally so feeling relaxed and energized are assets they can’t afford to lose.

7. Can feel the difference in their body (and mood) if they aren’t able to get in a semi-regular workout, run or even just a walk around the block, which makes them realize feeling good is equally as important as looking good.

8. Doesn’t want to fear aging; prefers to look forward to a long, thriving life while keeping as many of their original parts as possible.

9. Loathes being sidelined from exercise or everyday activities due to injuries or chronic body jackassery, e.g. tight shoulders or hips, a wonky pelvis, knee instability.

10. Longs for the peace of mind that accompanies knowing their body can endure the physical demands of everyday life and that they possess the tools to resolve minor body jackassery before it turns into a major problem.


Bottom line- you know that having a functional mind and body is essential to being and doing your best at home, work, and in life and you want to learn the skills and tools which will help you keep it all running smoothly.


I work with both women and men of all ages, but the sweet spot seems to be between 35-65 years old. (I also have two clients in their seventies!)

Whether you’ve got kids, grandkids or a bevy of projects to which you feel a responsibility as if they were your kids, relationships are important part of your life and you’d like to upgrade your mind-body relationship to show up better in your personal relationships, too.


See all or parts of yourself in the above?

Great! I would love to work with you, either online or in person. If you’re not quite sure where to start, schedule a FREE Movement Consultation so we can get to know each other and find out if my services are right for your needs.

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Featured Client Stories

Client: Pilates Instructor

Goal: Wanted to learn how to prevent a hip injury from sidelining them from running. {again}

“I first started working with Gini to resolve an issue with pain in my lower back and hip. Although I work in a similar field, Gini was immediately able to give me brand new ways of looking at my movement patterns and help me develop a much deeper sense of awareness. In just a couple of sessions I felt more connected with my body and was moving with greater integrity. I am excited about continuing to learn from Gini, who I consider to be truly expert in her field.”


Client: Web designer

Goal: While working with kettle bells, felt the beginnings of a knee tweak and wanted to preempt a possible injury

I started a new workout regimen with gusto, but soon noticed my knee had a bit less gusto than my mind. Because I wanted to keep working out consistently and intensely, I knew I needed to look after the way my body worked.

In just 4 sessions, I got visualizations for my knees, my pelvis, and this crazy cool muscle from my mid-back to my femur called the psoas. And now, the pain in my knee is gone! More specifically, my knee works with me, not against me now.

I can kettlebell swing with almost no tension. When I’m done swinging, I’ve not only gotten in a great workout, but I still feel relaxed and like my body worked as a unit to make it happen. I can walk for longer periods with ease. But best of all, I can envision how my bones, muscles and joints move together in a spiral, in a SYSTEM, and simply knowing this makes me feel empowered. My mind and body feel like they’re working as a team. I no longer see my body as ‘other’.”


Client: Bond trader

Goal: Wanted to incorporate more standing in their work day and wanted to learn the ins and outs of good posture and alignment so standing would feel easy and comfortable

“I started working with Gini because I work a desk job and wanted to adjust my work routine by standing part of the day and figured I needed to know how to stand properly.

One of the primary things I’ve learned is that you have to train your mind to envision proper function if you want your body to replicate it. I was surprised to learn about the movement of the bones. I never realized they moved as much as they do. Now that I have a better understanding of how the bones move, I am embodying that movement to assist in my daily work routine. I am also better at pinpointing discomfort issues and I know methods to help alleviate them. 

Despite my sessions being virtual, Gini is hands on and does a good job of explaining things. I am very detail oriented and she provided them for me. I was also drawn to the visual aspect of the work as it’s hard to just read something and put it into practice.”


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