Monthly Embodiment Theme: Get to Know Your Knees

This May we’re getting to know your knees and you have two ways to learn how to improve their stability and muscle coordination.

Book 4 – 1 hour Private Online Classes with me or register for an in-person Mind-Body Social small group workshop.

Choose the option that’s right for you!

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8 Weeks to Flexible, Strong, Healthy Shoulders (Yes, and Sexy, Too)

Got neck and shoulder jackassery? Want to improve your posture or  upper body strength? Want to be able to zip up your dress without requiring a coterie of attendants?

In this 8-Week ONLINE class, you’ll learn mind-body skills to change how you perceive, inhabit, and use your shoulders everyday PLUS fun flexibility and strength resistance band exercises for healthier shoulders and a happier YOU!

Early Bird Pricing Ends November 13 and Registration Closes November 30. Grab your spot TODAY!

Click HERE to find out if this class is right for you.


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