Movement Wisdom: Drawing Scapulae Circles in the Sand


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Lie on your back, knees bent, feet about hip distance apart.

Notice your shoulder alignment, the way they contact the floor.

Notice if your right shoulder feels similar to or different from your left.

Raise your arms overhead, then circle them out to the side and back down toward your hips.

Continue circling your arms up, around and down several times.

Can you feel your scapulae (shoulder blades) moving against the floor beneath them?

Circle your arms up, around and down.

Feel your scapulae moving with your arms.

Circle up, around, and down.

Can you feel the direction in which your scapulae move?

Raise your arms up- Feel your scapulae slide down toward your waist.

Circle your arms out to the side- Feel your scapulae slide in toward your spine.

Lower your arms toward your hips- Feel your scapulae slide up toward your head.

Circle your arms.

Feel your scapulae slide down, in, up.

Circle your arms.

Feel your scapulae slide down, in, up.

Scapulae slide down. circle in, then up.

Down, in, up.

Down, in, up.

Imagine lying on the beach.

See your scapulae drawing half circles in the sand- Down, in, up.

Smooth half circle scapulae drawings in the sand.

Down, in, up.

Down, in, up.

Lower your arms to your sides.

What (if anything) is different about your posture?

Do your shoulders feel more relaxed?

Your chest more open?

Do your arms feel closer to the floor?


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P.S. Does the scapulae sand drawing imagery resonate with you? Explore more movement and anatomical #ImagerySupport on my Pinterest boards.
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