It’s Not Magic, It’s Science.

Last week my friend Erin tweeted that her shoulder hurt. I tweeted back that I’d be happy to help her with her shoulder if she’d have a drink with me for my birthday. She accepted my invitation, but meeting up for a drink quickly evolved into a sleepover at which we ate cake, drank cocktails, and listened to the latest Serial podcast while obsessing over who really killed Hae Min Lee. (BTW, at this point, we think Jay did most of, if not all, the dirty deed.)












Note: If you’re not familiar with Serial, please rectify this post haste. You’ll thank me later.

While eating, drinking, and obsessing, I completely forgot to help Erin with her shoulder, so I texted her after I got home the next day. We spent the next hour or so working on her shoulder via text. The work didn’t actually take that long, we had a couple interruptions. After we finished up, I thought I could give you a peek inside a client embodiment session by sharing our texts (with Erin’s permission, of course).

My texts are blue, Erin’s are white.


































































This happened a day or so later:










What surprises clients most is how simple and quickly embodiment works. Embodiment isn’t just for body jackassery, either. Improving joint and muscle coordination is incredibly valuable for strength and flexibility training (It helps for a joint to function well before you try to strengthen it.) or if you’d like better posture.

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