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Dear Rock What’s Yours Reader,

In my forty-one years of life, I have never been without at least one thing- a strong opinion. So, naturally, I thought pinpointing the belief or viewpoint around which I’d like to build a community at Rock What’s Yours would be a piece of cake. And yet, it wasn’t.

Part of the problem is that I loathe the idea of taking a stand against something just for the sake of standing out from the crowd. Yes, intellectually, I understand that providing contrast to your cause is helpful for others to identify more easily with it. {Or not.} Still, too often I find that contrast plays like one way is right and the other is wrong. Realizing this opened my eyes to what had been in front of me all along.

I believe that life has a general set of parameters – don’t kill, steal, act in any way douchey, take the last french fry – but inside of those parameters, you’re free to exist in the way that works best for you.

When I first started my Pilates training, the method boasted helping to build “long, lean muscles” unlike lifting weights. Problem is, you can’t make muscles longer or leaner. Furthermore, that language throws shade on weightlifting, forcing clients into an either/or paradigm.


Can’t a body benefit from multiple training methods?


This exclusive and limiting point of view did not sit well with me.

I came to Pilates as a former dancer looking to utilize and connect with my body in a way that didn’t involve traditional exercising, which I found boring. {Also, I once took an aerobics class only to find my dancer feet couldn’t follow the steps. It was both frustrating and embarrassing.} I wanted to move and be physically fit, but needed a method that engaged my mind or I’d soon lose interest and eat a bag of almond M&M’s, instead. {Oh, to be twenty-two again … }

Imagine my joy to find movements that felt {to me} so much like dance choreography. I could easily modify and change them to fit my mood, desires, and needs! Now, imagine my dismay to find that while I’d been trained in a contemporary and ever evolving approach to mind-body fitness, there were other teachers {across all fitness modalities} who take a more dogmatic view. Some frown upon making any changes to {insert preferred guru’s name here} original teachings. That approach may be in alignment with their desires and needs, but for students and clients it, once again, creates the perception that there’s a right way and a wrong way. *thumbs down*


If one achieves the results one seeks, does the method which one employs matter?


In addition to advocating dogmatic principles, in my nearly two decades of teaching mind-body movement, I’ve witnessed the deification of Master Teachers, both alive and long since passed. When methodologies and those who’ve created them are mythologized and regarded with ever increasing awe and reverence, one can find one’s self relying less on instinct and more on misplaced faith, which, unfortunately, often leads to trusting one’s self less and seeking out other “experts” for answers which can be found within.


Shouldn’t I be the ultimate expert on what is right for my body?


As with life, movement has a general set of parameters – i.e. when one muscle shortens, another muscle must lengthen – but within those parameters, you’re free to move, train or play in the way that works best for YOU. To be told to live any other way is jackassery.

Jackassery is being stuck in thought or movement patterns of which we may or not be aware that hold us back from experiencing our best selves, fullest potential, and most balanced state of being.

This is what I know to be true. This is what I believe.

If this approach to movement, training or life resonates with you, I invite you to join me in the Jackassery Free Movement.

The Jackassery Free Movement is about bringing light to those restrictive patterns so we can change them. It’s about dedicating ourselves to create more spaciousness and freedom in our minds and bodies; to embody truth and purpose for the betterment of ourselves, our experiences, and the world around us.

My purpose if to teach the parameters of movement. My joy is witnessing others move, train, and play in the way that they know is best for them.

It would be my pleasure to include you in this movement.
















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It’s always more reassuring to embark on a new experience with friends and inside The Jackassery Free Movement, that’s just what you’ll find – helpful, like-mind men and women motivated to learn {and experience} new things about their minds and bodies and eager to offer support as you do the same. It combines the convenience of an anytime, anywhere online experience with the camaraderie of an in-person one.

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