Movement Wisdom: Gathering Sand, Molding Sand Arches











Sit on a chair so your feet are resting comfortably on the floor.

Imagine you’re sitting at the beach, your feet resting on the warm dry (or cool wet) sand.

Keeping your toes relaxed and (relatively) straight, lift the center of your feet up toward the sky. Hold for a second and then gently release them down.

Lift your arches up, hold, and slowly release.

Lift. Hold. Release.

Imagine gathering sand, pulling it up toward your arch. The more you gather, it creates a sand support for your foot to rest upon as you release.

Imagine molding the sand into the shape of your arch and feeling the support under your feet.

Repeat several times.

What does the sand feel like?

Warm? Cool? Dry? Damp?

Does the support from your sand arches allow any muscles to relax, releasing excess tension?

What (if anything) is different about your sitting posture?

Stand up.

What (if anything) is different about your standing posture?

If you need to get rid of any excess sand, imagine sprinkling baby powder on your feet and the sand will brush right off. 😉

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P.S. Does the gathering sand imagery resonate with you? Explore more movement and anatomical #ImagerySupport on my Pinterest boards.

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