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Is the idea of working out together online intriguing, but you’d love some more information to decide if we’re a good fit?

I understand.

Below are a few questions to determine if my methods are in sync with your goals:


Would you like to have the confidence to be your own trainer? workout with me mat

I believe nobody knows your body better than you do, even if you’ve kinda lost touch with each other. This is why I use a hands on approach to strength training; Your hands on your body. You’ll learn how palpating muscles and joints during movement increases your brain’s awareness of and control over them, which instantly improves your strength, flexibility, and coordination. It’s not rocket science, just neuroscience and, with it, you’ll experience a smarter, more productive workout.


Would you like to KYOP? {Keep Your Original Parts}

Having a basic understanding of how your joints work is essential to using them more efficiently. I’ll help you tap into a deeper, kinesthetic awareness of your joints {in motion} so you can maintain and even improve their health for years {decades!} to come.


Do you value moving well, feeling connected to and at home in your body?

I specialize in clients who want more than just six-pack {four-pack?} abs. Of course we all want to look good and feel strong, but we are only as strong as we are flexible and coordinated {in both mind and body}. Being mindful of the way we think and talk about our bodies influences how we inhabit them. In addition to increasing awareness of your own self-talk, you’ll learn to leverage your inherent mind-body connection to release excess tension for greater ease of movement.


Do you like to laugh?

An intense workout need not be a serious one. I frequently incorporate a severely disfigured skeleton, dog toys, and a Slinky in my workouts. Also, I sometimes use different voices or make up silly cheers. Research has shown that if exercising puts a smile on your face, you’re 80%* more likely to keep doing it. If nothing else, laughing strengthens your diaphragm muscle and improves your breathing.**

*percentage completely made up
**breathing has been scientifically proven to keep you alive


My Method

Pilates + Experiential Anatomy + Self-Awareness

This combination means you’ll grow stronger, smarter, and more mindful with each session.


My Training

Formerly a dancer, I’ve trained extensively as both a Pilates and Franklin Method® Instructor. I’ve taught fitness and somatic movement for 18 years. I’ve even taught the US Men’s National Soccer Team.













How it works

First, you choose your monthly membership package.

Next, we’ll schedule your first 1-hour session via Google Hangout.

Finally, we get to work.


What you need

  • An internet connection and web camera.
  • A workout mat.
  • You.



BONUS! Each membership package includes a complimentary {free!} set of Franklin Method® balls {valued at $23.95} and a 9 foot Franklin Method® resistance band {valued at 8.95}.








These will be ordered and shipped directly to you as soon as payment is received for your first month.


Choose the Right Membership for YOU

You can choose from Three Levels of Commitment – 1 Month, 3 Months or 6 Months. Each membership level includes one one-hour session {Mon-Fri/6am-6pm Pacific Coast Time} per week.




workout with me push ups

1 Month Membership

A one month commitment is the right fit if you’re looking to learn some new exercises to spice up your at-home workout routine or perhaps you’re new to online training and/or Pilates and want to dip your toe in the water first.


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3 Month Membership

A three month membership is the right fit if you’ve been sidelined from working out {due to … an injury, work jackassery, winter hibernation} and are looking to wade back in or maybe you’ve got some short term fitness goals you’d like to tackle together.


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6 Month Membership

A six month membership is the right fit if you’re looking to dive headlong into an exercise partnership and move steadily towards your long term fitness and wellness goals.


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workout with me ab curls













Not sure which membership is right for you?

Let’s set up a complimentary {read: free} Movement Consultation so we can meet face to face via video chat. We can discuss your needs and goals and make sure you get the package that’s just right for you. Simply fill out your personal Movement and Me form below!



Whichever package you choose, you’ll leave our sessions feeling

  • stronger
  • more flexible
  • open
  • grounded
  • taller
  • focused
  • relaxed
  • energized


workout with me online


The Benefits of Online Training

No driving/commuting – Work out in the comfort and convenience of your own home. {Or sneak in a session on your lunch break at work!}

Custom scheduling – We’ll schedule your workouts on a weekly basis. Tailor your workout schedule to your needs and lifestyle.

Private one-on-one training at a fraction of the in-person price.


Ready to get started?

Pick your membership and let’s schedule your first session!


1 Month Membership


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3 Month Membership


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6 Month Membership


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Disclaimer: I DO NOT DIAGNOSE OR OFFER ANY KIND OF REHABILITATION. You should always consult with your physician before entering into any kind of exercise program.


workout with me results



“Two things I’ve noticed since Ass Class: 1) I hardly take any OTC pain reliever any more because I don’t need it, and 2) I’ve turned into a back sleeper. I sleep better and the “ongoing” problem with my right shoulder has disappeared. It was like a 2-for-1 deal!”

~ Andrea Lewicki


I started a new workout regimen with gusto, but soon noticed my knee had a bit less gusto than my mind. Because I wanted to keep working out consistently and intensely, I knew I needed to look after the way my body worked.

In just 4 sessions, I got visualizations for my knees, my pelvis, and this crazy cool muscle from my mid-back to my femur called the psoas. And now, the pain in my knee is gone! More specifically, my knee works with me, not against me now.

I can kettlebell swing with almost no tension. When I’m done swinging, I’ve not only gotten in a great workout, but I still feel relaxed and like my body worked as a unit to make it happen. I can walk for longer periods with ease. But best of all, I can envision how my bones, muscles and joints move together in a spiral, in a SYSTEM, and simply knowing this makes me feel empowered. My mind and body feel like they’re working as a team. I no longer see my body as ‘other’.”

~ Reese Spykerman


“I understand how my joints and bones and muscles work together. I know when my knee is sore or my ankles are crackly, my feet probably aren’t aligned. Doing some embodiment exercises or making a point to walk more mindfully fixes the issue so my ankles don’t pop and my knee stops hurting. I now power walk in a way that exercises my muscles without asking my bones and joints to do things they weren’t designed to do.”

~ Deanna Lohnes


I feel more at ease and patient with my body. I enjoy a new confidence.

In the ass class I learned a great deal that I wasn’t aware of regarding hips and pelvis, shoulders too. I was surprised and delighted because it took me to a new level of self-awareness with my exercise and overall daily movement. I’m now more apt to listen to what my body is telling me by how it feels, how it works. I now realize that it can physically change in an instant. I didn’t realize I had so much resistance about that until your class. Often I can correct my posture or something about how I’m walking and ease the problem in that moment.”

~ Margit Mehne


“I was able to increase my activity level without feeling like I needed to protect my injury because I was more conscious of where my limits were and where I had more room to actually move and recreate how I used my body. My new relationship with my hip also allowed me to move beyond warrior tendencies of “proving myself” as a runner and began to open up my possibilities to use my body in coordination, collaboration with the results I desire – strength, health, movement.

~ Laura Calandrella


“Gini is a trailblazer. Her work is amazing, and so visual! She taught me an exercise to loosen my tight shoulders and release the tension in my neck. Her direction is often illustrated with colorful drawings and her words evoke visuals in a way that I immediately respond to. I had only completed half of the exercise, for one shoulder, and already the locked up tension slid away. By the end of the session my shoulders were looser, my breathing was deeper, I felt grounded, and a beautiful calmness washed over me head to toe. And, as an added bonus, because my shoulders released, my heart center opened right up. This learning has greatly improved my daily sitting practice. It has also been a welcome addition to my daily morning yoga practice. Whatever you have going on physically, she has the super special Mojo to help you see and learn so you get—and make—the connection. Not only that but you can instantly integrate it into your awareness to make better choices and free yourself from the pain in your way. Gini *is* leading a Movement Revolution. Be a Revolutionary!”

~ Michelle Farinella


“There’s something about Gini. Sass, leadership, approachability — she’s got it in spades, plus the biggest heart that can fit inside a person so petite. The name ‘Embodiment Advocate’ is so right for her. As busy people in this fast-moving age, we often forget that we are more than a brain and two thumbs on our iPhone. As a digital entrepreneur, I spend most of my day sitting down, curled over a laptop, flicking my eyes from screen to screen. Gini gets me back into my body. She helps me feel human again — original human, not human 5.0. And from there, I get to remember how to take care of myself, gain new data for decision-making, and all around have a better experience here on the planet. With two feet on the ground and everything else in alignment. I like it.”

~ Abby Kerr


Working with Gini has transformed how I show up in my body and as a result, how I show up in my life (personal and professional).  Something as “simple” as being more aware of how I sit and how my pelvis moves allows me to sit and stand in a more grounded way.  I feel more confident and I’m able to be present in a totally different way.  And I’m not a newbie to my body – I consider myself more connected to my body than the average person.  As a bodyworker, I spend hours working with other people’s body’s and I also receive a lot of work.  Even so, Gini’s insight and perspective have added a really important layer of awareness that was missing for me prior to this.  She’s clear, to the point and how she explains things helps me easily connect the dots and add important details to my body map.  She doesn’t over complicate things, but she gives me the key information that allows me to experience my body in a new way.  I can’t recommend this enough for helping you to be in your body and show up in your life in a strong, powerful and aligned way.”

~ Lisa Gillispie


“I started working with Gini because I work a desk job and wanted to adjust my work routine by standing part of the day and figured I needed to know how to stand properly.

One of the primary things I’ve learned is that you have to train your mind to envision proper function if you want your body to replicate it. I was surprised to learn about the movement of the bones. I never realized they moved as much as they do. Now that I have a better understanding of how the bones move, I am embodying that movement to assist in my daily work routine. I am also better at pinpointing discomfort issues and I know methods to help alleviate them. 

Despite my sessions being virtual, Gini is hands on and does a good job of explaining things. I am very detail oriented and she provided them for me. I was also drawn to the visual aspect of the work as it’s hard to just read something and put it into practice.”

~ Mark Antonini


“Before working with Gini I didn’t realize how much my words were actually working against my movement. After working with Gini I have a better awareness of my words as well as asking myself ‘How does that feel?’ ‘Do I like that or want to make a further change’. It allows me to not only converse with my own body much more effectively and efficiently, but my clients as well.  Gini truly walks the walk and we all can benefit from her teaching and positive embodiment of movement.”

~ Laurel Silverman


“I have taken countless workshops (of all sorts) where the instructor is on an ego-trip and isn’t approachable, open, or feeding me any new information.  Gini’s approach is relaxed and she puts you at ease while really delivering the information. I felt like our group class was a little party, for curious people who wanted to play and experience new things.

My favorite part of working with Gini was experiencing how my discs work and the movement of the vertebrae. I *knew* all of this before, but saw it in a whole new light.

As a result of working with Gini, I feel less tension and stress in my shoulders, which is always a challenge for me, especially since I teach several advanced group classes throughout the week.  I am also more aware of how I am using my own body as I teach, which I often ignore.

I feel I am better able to give my clients permission to stop TRYING SO HARD. Yes, they want to feel that the are being challenged, but I’m more aware of how they are being challenged, and if it is working towards their goal(s).”

~ Laura Dixon


“As a fellow somatic instructor, I find myself checking in with Gini when getting out of my comfort zone. She has always been available to help me think of new and exciting ways to achieve my goals as a teacher. Her clarity and ability to grasp the root of an issue makes her someone from whom I can always learn.  Gini’s approach to teaching is very gentle, creative and fun. Most importantly she brings a thoughtful sense of humor to all situations.

One of Gini’s greatest attributes is being able to take any situation and help make sense of it, not by telling me what to do, but by gently guiding and offering suggestions that have helped me come to my own conclusions, in my own way, in my own time.  How refreshing!”

~ Susan Deutsch


“Using the skills I learned from Gini’s workshop, I am able to draw more correct form and alignment out of my clients with a lot less struggle!”

~ Karena Thek Lineback


Breathing is always an option.


gini037GINI MARTINEZ is an Embodiment Teacher and owner at ROCK WHAT’S YOURS. She specializes in teaching goal oriented individuals how to engage their mind and body intelligently so they’re able to show up as their best selves and perform at their highest level at any given moment.

Gini is a former dancer. She has taught Pilates and somatic movement since 1998 and is trained in the Franklin Method® As a busy wife, mother {to 3 boys}, and business owner, Gini experiences the necessity to stay grounded, centered, and flexible on a daily basis and enjoys teaching all those willing to show up and do the work how to do the same. She considers herself a Warrior Advocate.