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I was exploring Instagram one day and happened upon @MomentumJewelry’s account. I’m not really a jewelry kind of girl (I’ve worn the same earrings every day for the last 14 years), but I do love bracelets and when I saw that I could customize a Momentum Wrap Bracelet with my own personal saying, I knew I had to have one. So, I decided to get one as a birthday present (I’ll be 41 on Sunday) and a second one to give away.

“What does the bracelet say”, you ask?

Jackassery Free.

Of course, right?


Side note: I took a poll on social media, asking which you all liked better – Rock What’s Yours or Jackassery Free. Interestingly, all the dudes chose the former while all the ladies preferred the latter. Not sure what that means, lol, but I decided to go with Jackassery Free!












How do I get the free wrap bracelet?!

Good question. You know that self-awareness is at the heart of what we do here. I mean, you can’t rock what’s yours unless you know what’s yours. And so, in the spirit of becoming more familiar with our unique movements, postures, and habits, I’m inviting you to take part in the 5 Day Awareness Challenge, starting next Monday, November 10 and running through Friday, November 14.


How It Works.

Each morning I’ll post a prompt on social media (twitter, instagram, and Facebook) asking “What are you noticing today?”. All you have to do is reply, telling me what you’re noticing. (I highly recommend using the hashtag #5DAC on Twitter to be sure your tweets get counted.) It’s that simple. Each reply is considered an entry. At the end of the week, I’ll tally up all your entries, put them into a hat (or its equivalent) and pick out a winner!


What if I’m not on social media?

In that case, do things the old fashioned way and email me! Be sure to include the hashtag #5DAC in the subject line.


What am I trying to notice?

I’m looking for anything relating to your movement or posture habits. For example, you might say …

“I’m noticing that I clench my jaw while driving in traffic.”


“I lean my upper body into the computer while writing.”


“I don’t roll through my left foot the same way as I do my right when running.”

or even

“I feel like I lose a little piece of my soul whenever my trainer has me do burpees.” (Hey, we feel ya.)


In honor of my upcoming online shoulder class, you could notice things like:

Do your shoulders creep up to your ears to keep your neck warm when it’s chilly?

Do you collapse your chest while doing ab curls or rollups?

Do you lead with your chin while watching television?

Does your head sag to the floor when you do push-ups?

Do your shoulders tense up while doing dishes?


More Noticing Suggestions.

Do you sit on both sit bones or lean into one side?

Where do you feel your weight  placement when doing squats, in your forefeet or your heels?

Do you stand with your weight balanced equally over both feet or do you ‘sit into’ one hip?

Does one arm feel more dominant – stronger, more supportive – during push-ups?

Are you breathing shallowly? Deeply? At all?

Does your foot on your supporting leg roll in while doing Tree Pose?

Do you always take your first step with the same foot?

I could go on, but you get the idea. Wait. One more thing …


How does noticing any of this help you?

You want to do (and be) your best whenever possible, right?

Well, small habits like the aforementioned can slowly erode your ability to do just that. Awareness is the beginning of change and improvement.


As G.I. Joe says:

Knowing is half battle!


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